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noun \ˈiŋ-kyə-ˌbā-tər, ˈin-\
Business: an organization or place, especially with support staff and equipment that helps in the development of new small businesses.

We are here to support local food entrepreneurs in developing, operating, and growing their business. To help our clients break down barriers and provide easy access to an inexpensive, fully equipped and licensed commercial kitchen.

Making it Simple

One of the biggest obstacles for starting a food business is the high cost of setting up a commercial kitchen. Because of the enormous amount of time as well as expenses involved in building a commercial kitchen, it has become almost untenable for a small food business to get off the ground.

Using Bohemian Kitchen significantly reduces start up costs for new businesses. For only $18 an hour, Bohemian Kitchen is available to those wishing to produce and package specialty or gourmet foods. This includes food truck operators, farmers market vendors, small producers who sell to retail markets, bakers, street vendors, caterers, as well as church, school or civic groups.

Bohemian Kitchen is home to a wide variety of food entrepreneurs. This means many different products are made here – bread, cookies, scones, pies, cakes, salsas, hot sauces, granola’s, coffee concentrates, pretzels, crepes, pizza dough, chocolate, fudge and toffee. The food is made for various occasions: catering, weddings, Farmers markets, diners to go, food trucks and carts; and all kinds of food – American, Mexican, Italian, Asian, Indian, African, Gluten-free, Celiac, even dog food (made from organic, human grade ingredients)… you name it.

Our customers sell their products in food stores like New Seasons Market, Whole Foods, Market of Choice, Green Zebra, Haggens and Zupan’s.

Grow your dreams with us. Bohemian Kitchen.


Modern & Professional Equipment

  • New, modern, professional and fully equipped
  • Always clean and organized
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Air conditioned

Here you can start, develop, grow and operate a successful food business.  We make it affordable. We help you make it possible.

  • Convenience
    • Work on large, 96” long working tables with enough space around
    • The kitchen is not crowded. Get the space when you need it. You don’t have to wait days for ovens
    • Fast and easy access from anywhere – we are right off Hwy 217, close to Washington Square Mall
    • In case you do not have a car, we are just 3 minutes walk from MAX Station
    • Ample parking space – lots of free parking
    • Easy loading and access through sliding door
  • Storage
    • Ample dry storage
    • Ample cold storage – we have huge Walk-In refrigerator (14’x7′)
    • Freezers
  • Flexibility
    • We have no long term contract, no minimum hours, and no minimum payment
    • The Kitchen is available to you hourly, daily, weekly, monthly – just as you need it
    • When you need to move on, you can, without any hassles and additional expenses
    • You have access 24/7/365 with your personal code
  • Safety
    • We are located in safe neighborhood, where you will feel secure 24/7
  • Extraordinary Customer service
    • We care, we are here for you, and we build a personal relationship with you
    • We are available. We respond to you from 8am until 11pm, so you can plan your production flexibly
    • When we are not in the kitchen, and you need help, we come almost anytime
    • Assistance from early morning till late evening
ALL for a very reasonable price of just $18 per hour.


New To The Industry? We Can Help!

Even if you are completely new in the food business, we help with:

  • Setting up and registering your company, and obtaining the right permits and licenses from  the city.
  • Licensing related specifically to food – obtaining the right license for your product from the (ODA) Oregon Department of Agriculture, FDA or County Health Department.
  • Insurance – figuring out what insurance you need and where to get it.
  • Packaging – finding the right package for your product.
  • UPC Codes – if you want to sell wholesale, you may well need one.
  • Nutrition labels – if you want to sell wholesale, you will need one.
  • Printing – packaging, labels and beyond.
  • Website – affordable, modern, appealing, SEO optimized.
  • Access and referrals to professional business services, including bookkeeping, accounting, graphic design, marketing, social media and advertising.
We provide assistance finding these services for no additional charge.


Let’s Start Working Together

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